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Manage Your Risk And Ensure A Constant Process With DDP

DDP is a one stop shop for your architectural design and development services. We can help you from the very first discussion all the way through the construction process to the finished tangible product.

We specializes in large development of international success working on hospitality, retail and entertainment projects worldwide.

DDP has the integration of internationally recognized practices that are functioning and are a success in Vietnam. Our concentration is on high quality and professionally executed projects with attention to detail.

Vietnam is a prosperous country where the property market is booming. Vietnamese locals now have the resource, vision and ambition to outsource different companies. Collaborating together (DDP and client) could be a well balanced mixed to generate top quality designs and builds.

Property Concerns in Vietnam

When investing in property in Vietnam, investors can face some of these risks:


Land acquisition costs and the risk that the value of acquired land changes due to market circumstances.


A delay means that the project has to face adverse market circumstances.


This regards pricing, design, quality and possible delays.

Political risk

The project encounters problems due to a change in government, regulations, etc.

Diminishing these risks

Senior professionals at DDP are recognised for their deep understanding of the Vietnam property market. Therefore, whether you are searching the land to buy, build, sell or lease, DDP’s consultancy service is an ultimate choice for international property developers and investors.


Research from 15 to 20 sites, forecast of yield development, allocation strategy, investor demand.

Cost calculation

Provide a development appraisal and follow this document from beginning to the end.


Test the market of end-users before entering into the commitment to actual starting of construction of a project and demonstrate the market appetite.

Featured Project

Project: Sun World Ba Na Hills – Fantasy Park
Completed: 2013
Partnership: DDP and Sun World

DDP assisted in the creation, vision and design that Sun World corporation wanted to achieve with their unique theme park idea situated on top of a mountain.

“The combination of International design experience and local Vietnamese Architects/ designers enables the DDP team to deliver projects with International characteristics and standards that are also sympathetic to the Vietnamese and Asian culture and requirements”.

Phil Hocking, DDP Projects Partner and Projects Director

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