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Property development – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There are 34 recognized major risks during the design and construction phase, such as: quality, cost, time, communication.

According to the Western Australia University survey of  leading property developers in Australia, here are 5 property development risk factor averages, range from 1 (Lowest Risk) to 5 (Highest Risk):

  • Time delay risk – 4.14
  • Land cost risk – 3.88
  • Cost increases risk – 3.63
  • Experience risk – 3.5
  • Delivery timing risk – 3.38

Property development partnership statistics:

  • Around 30% of developments finish late.
  • Of those, nearly 20% don’t finish at all.
  • Projects over 2 years are nearly double the risk.

Manage Risks With DDP

We know the issues related to property development partner. With over 5 years of experience in Vietnam, especially in Danang, we know how to manage risks and review your projects and  what’s necessary to ensure success.

We match our skills with vision to bring out the best in your cityscape and your community.

As your partner, our development services contributions include:

  • Site research and selections
  • Feasibility studies and concept reports
  • Assistance with arranging finances
  • Assessment of planning risk
  • Acquisition & sale terms
  • Engagement with Council and government
  • Contractor tenders
  • Property sales and marketing
  • Construction and completion oversight

How we work

We get it right the first time

  • Risks and feasibility analysis – Give before starting the project.
  • Global suppliers – Seek advice at the outset.
  • Outcomes and scenarios – Explore at the beginning.


We monitor and manage project operations to a successful end

Communicating properly:

  • Constant communication
  • Client updates
  • Honest answers to questions

Being informative on:

  • The revenue/cost forecasts
  • Risk allocation
  • Legal frameworks
  • Tax outlook

Discuss suitable cooperation to improve:

  • Financial flexibility
  • Borrowing capacity
  • Portfolio growth

Increase your net worth

Every project needs a shot in the arm to drive it to completion. Unforeseen delays? Project mood darkening and in need of a shining light? We have the energy, ‘can do’ attitude and tactics to turn a project around and affect real performance improvement.

We’re here for you. Get in touch to find out how DDP can make your project successful.


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