Designs Based on International Standards

Members of the architectural profession are dedicated to standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence, and thereby bring to society unique skills and aptitudes essential to the sustainable development of the built environment and the welfare of their societies and cultures”

The International Union of Architects

According to the UIA Accord on Recommended International Standards of Professionalism in Architectural Practice, there are 4 principles of professionalism established in legislation as well as in codes of ethics and regulations:


“The process of architectural education, training, and examination is structured to assure the public that when an architect is engaged to perform professional services, that architect has met acceptable standards enabling proper performance of those services”


“Architects are charged to uphold the ideal that learned and uncompromised professional judgment should take precedence over any other motive in the pursuit of the art and science of architecture”


“Architects bring a high level of selfless dedication to the work done on behalf of their clients and society”


“Architects are aware of their responsibility for the independent and, if necessary, critical advice provided to their clients and for the effects of their work on society and the environment”

DDP complies with UIA international standards and best practices.


  • all DDP architects hold a Degree of Architecture and are registered architects.
  • DDP holds all essential and current credentials to operate as an architecture firm
  • DDP provides a professional service to benefit the client and project
  • DDP values their clients and gives them a lot of care and consideration
  • DDP focuses on high quality and professionally executed projects with attention to detail

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