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Why DDP?

DDP is an independent consultancy business that focuses on Construction Project Management. DDP provides professional services to support our clients deliver projects across the construction, real estate and hospitality sectors. DDP is located on Danang, Vietnam.

Project Management: Challenges of Working in Vietnam

The top causes of failed projects include poor site management, financial difficulties, design changes, and poor project management. These are the biggest threats to a successful project:


Over 50% of projects managed in Da Nang over the last 5 years have run over budget.


In the current development boom quality has is too often sacrificed for speed.


Poor communication and coordination frequently leads to late projects which eats away at profits.


Use of sub-par machinery and materials can be fatal to the outcome of your project

Mitigating Risks with The Right Partner

We understand the risks involved with large project management. With over 5 years of experience in Vietnam alone (another 10yrs internationally), we know what’s necessary to ensure success.

International Standards

We apply the highest level of standards to all projects, not the minimum

Your Eyes on The Ground

We are on site managers


Trust is paramount. Knowing who to work with (and who not to work with) is extremely valuable


Clear and regular communication is the backbone of a successful working relationship


Our team is relentless in our planning, tracking, reporting, auditing, etc. It’s what we do.

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