Construction Project Management for Foreign Investors

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Why DDP?

DDP is an independent consultancy business that focuses on Construction Project Management. DDP provides professional services to support our clients deliver projects across the construction, real estate and hospitality sectors. DDP is located on Danang, Vietnam.

Common Challenges of On-Site Construction

Risks your construction project can face:

  • Rising cost
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Poor communication

There are some interesting facts about construction industry:

  • 70% of contractors are having a difficult time finding professionals to fill these growing positions.  
  • Construction creates 25-40% of the world’s carbon emissions.  
  • Only 30% of firms deliver projects on budget and only 15% deliver on time.  

Reducing Risks with The Right Partner

How we work

  • Technology – Use BIM to save you time and money and abide by international standards. 
  • People – Connect overseas professionals with local construction managers. 
  • Communication – Provide monthly progress reports, project risks and contractor schedules.

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