Quang Hanh Hot Springs

Client – Sungroup

Location – Quang Ninh Vietnam

DDP Projects again joined forces with Sun Group to help create a Hot Springs Themed Resort and tourist destination called Quang Hanh Hot Springs in Ha Long Bay.

Client Goal

“How can we shape a tourist oasis around a beautiful, natural hot spring in Ha Long Bay?”

The Quang Hanh Hot Springs is a mountainous, multi-use hot spring recreation area located in Cam Pha town, 10 km from Ha Long Bay. This popular destination is spread out over six square kilometers.

DDP was tasked to create a general layout for three distinct zones that make up the Quang Hang Hot Springs project:

  1. A multi-use day area which includes a lazy river, main pool and spa, public showers and lockers, retail and F&B outlets and day use bungalows for rent.
  2. A main hotel area  — a Hot Springs Themed Resort accessible to the day use facilities but with the advantage of being set slightly hidden for an added sense of space and seclusion. Associated with the resort is a loose chain of guestroom villas.
  3. A remote, overnight area that will feature a cluster of floating luxury villas along the island coast, adjacent to the mainland and accessible only by boat.

DDP’s Challenge

Create the right layout for a variety of recreational and overnighting options that could accommodate a large volume of tourists, while maintaining a connection with the natural beauty of the landscape.

From the very start, DDP carefully considered the best use of this natural gem before finalizing their Concept Design.

Let The Landscape Inform The Design

DDP Uses Preliminary Planning Methods to Refine The Overall Design

DDP understands the complexity of Master Planning. They take an experienced approach to shaping a Themed Design by placing a great deal of importance on the Preliminary Phase of Design Development. For this project, topography and natural space were prominent concerns. A thorough site examination gave DDP:

  1. A sense of potential guest flow, circulation and “guest engagement points”.
  2. The ability to develop three distinct areas of use while maintaining a unified theme.
  3. The wisdom to let the natural landscape be the most prominent element to the design.

In short, DDP let the natural landscape give them a better understanding of how to achieve the best overall layout and enhance the Guest Experience.

Preliminaries Yield Progress

Through the Preliminary process, DDP was able to:

  1. Put in writing an overview of the Unified Master Plan.
  2. Create a 3D model to give Sun Group a visual sense of the project.
  3. Give details to their Design Approach for each zone with attention paid to “guest engagement points” within each zone.
  4. Provide colored drawings, from aerial views to more tightly focused perspectives in effort to better convey the aesthetic of the project.

Finalizing Design

“Ultimately, the intent of the Project is to create an enjoyable experience for its attendees both day and overnight guests.”

After a more organic approach to Preliminary Planning established the parameters for the project, DDP’s was able to refine the Master Plan with efficiency and flexibility.

The Finalized Design Plan took a step by step approach to refining building layouts and specific requirements for each zone so as to take full advantage of “every opportunity to enhance the Guest Experience.”

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