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20+ Years Architect Design Experience

We are a flexible architecture firm that is an ideal partner for medium to larger projects. Our experience reduces re-work.

Whether you need to create a design completely from scratch or are looking for a seasoned architect to review designs and suggest improvements, we are confident that you and your team will be satisfied with the results.

We have successfully completed over 50+ projects, and look forward to helping you.

High Quality. Cost Effective.  On Time.

We take care of CAD and BIM. Giving you more time to grow your business.

Our Services


DDP has 20+ years providing architecture services internationally.  We have successfully completed projects in Australia, Dubai, Cayman Islands, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, and China.


Master planning is a complex process combining art direction and storyline with architecture and planning to develop the overall layout of the Project Development.

Design Development

Based upon approved concept designs, DDP can develop the detailed design of all buildings in collaboration with all design team members, produce information and drawings at a level of detail and scale to allow for the description and design arrangement of all principal building elements and define their functional and aesthetic nature and relationships, materials, and indicative construction.

Construction Documentation

With our extensive global experience and knowledge, DDP can prepare all necessary drawings, specifications, and documents to adequately describe the design and allow for final costing and compilation of Tender Documents by the PM or Client.

Theming Design & Entertainment

DDP can develop the themed elements to be applied to the building architecture and hardscape/landscape areas to create an authentic built environment that responds to the approved concept themes.

CAD Capabilities

Have your CAD designs prepared by USA & Australia trained staff. We have a transparent process for collaboration where we can work with you in real time to meet all requirements.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

DDP can coordinate and prepare modeling technology and associated set of processes to produce, communicate, and analyze building models, from CAD conversions to assistance with all Facility Management models, creating an intelligent simulation of Architecture for all Client’s needs.

3D Architecture Visualization

We can take your drawings and create a 3D visualization that lets you show your clients.

DDP – Your Extended Development Team


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